I am fascinated by families - who they are, what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, where they've been, where they're going. I want to know their story - I want to know your story. I specialize in maternity, fresh/48, in-home lifestyle newborn + family sessions. I also take a handful of hospital deliveries each year. During our time together, I will prompt you, not pose you - I have found - with great success - that people are their most genuine selves when they are allowed to be just that - themselves! No uncomfortable posing here - no Chandler Bing smiles, awkward hand placements or head tilts, + definitely no Pinterest copies!

Your session will be all you + not one you saw on social media. Choosing to book a session with me ensures that your story will be honored + treasured like it were my own. With me, you have the chance to create something tangible. Beautiful heirloom quality collections that will preserve your story for generations. Promise me this - once you receive your gallery you won't let your session exist solely on a hard drive, in the "cloud," or on the 'gram. I encourage you to print, print + print some more! Put them on your walls + in albums - spread them around your home like confetti! As the years go by, you'll be so glad you did!



500 / 350

I prefer the candid feel of a lifestyle newborn session. No props, no posing - timeless images of you + your babe in your home. Family sessions are meant to capture everything from the extraordinary to the everyday mundane.
(indoors or outdoors - weather permitting )

newborns / families


A fresh48 session captures the first couple days (before heading home) + all the newness of your sweet babe. Truthfully, these are my favorite sessions!  Plan ahead for these, because as we know, babies come when they are ready!
(Interested in delivery photography? Let's chat!)



I call my maternity sessions motherhood sessions because they are so much bigger than just 9 months - these sessions represent everything about the blessings of becoming a mother. (Sometimes these sessions turn into mommy + me sessions, and that's ok too!) Let's celebrate motherhood!


Please note, the above investments are the session fees only - inquire for collection details!